Mes Soeurs et Moi

Leuze, Belgium

A family adventure…

It began in 1927 when Auguste François opened his knitting factory… and now 80 years later, the adventure continues with MES SŒURS & MOI.

We interviewed the lovely owner & designer Martine (pictured below)… here in her words:


How would you describe the look & feel of MES SOEURS ET MOI as a collection?

Mes Soeurs is a brand that is aimed at active and optimistic women who are free from the confines of fashion.

We want the woman wearing Mes Soeurs to feel free, comfortable and feminine. We choose our fabrics for their softness, and prefer the natural compositions. Each look can be unique, depending on how you mix and match the different elements of the collection. We tend to design minimalist shapes, but always love to add small unattended details.

Where is the collection designed?

Mes Soeurs is designed In Leuze, in Belgium. In the old factory of Thierry’s great grand-father who created the company in the 30’s.



Where is it made & what is special about your production & manufacturing?

Mes Soeurs is made mainly in Tunisia. Our collaboration with this factory is over 15 years now, and the director has now become a close friend.


We are travelling there at least four times a year, always with pleasure. Pleasure also to work with these smiling people, always ready to help in the development of a nice product. This is not “made in Europe”, but this is made just the other side of the Mediterranean sea, with a long-term established collaboration. The knitting is made in Romania. Very nice factory, with very nice makers sharing their knowledge and experience. Mes Soeurs has thus chosen proximity, with reliable partners.

What is your relationship with the people who make the clothes?

In the Tunisian factory, I have known some of these makers for more than 10 years. I go to the machine line & say hello to them. I can tell you that you give at least 4 kisses in Tunisia! Have a look at the pictures, they are so happy!

Where do you find your inspiration each season?

First of all, I would say that I am keeping my key words always on mind : comfort, simplicity, feminity, character and natural. I am going to the fabrics fairs to choose the fabrics, meet some of the suppliers. The rest is coming day by day.


Why should customers choose to buy ‘MES SOEURS ET MOI’?

Because we are a small team, still believing that the fashion industry can produce “correctly” at affordable prices. And because we just want the woman wearing Mes Soeurs to feel good…



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