Mama b

Ivrea, Italy

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Sara & Ezio

Mama b was founded in 2008 by husband & wife team, Sara (back, second from the left) & Ezio (front, right) Lingua In Ivrea, Northern Italy at the base of the Italian Alps.

Mama b's Boutique

Mama b’s Secret

Sara, the designer & at the very heart of Mama b, started designing beautiful jersey pieces for her very own boutique. This connection between her own customers and her designs is the essence & secret of Mama b’s success today.


Mama b's boutique, window dressing

An Inspiring Space

The boutique is still open today and filled with Sara’s own designs and added pieces of heavenly jewellery, accessories and books… It’s an inspiring space that truly reflects the Mama b handwriting. Sara reinvents her showroom every season with artistic effortless displays, thoughtful & personal touches to re-energise her designs.  

100% Made in Italy

Sara & Ezio’s shared passion for ‘made in Italy’ fabrics, production and labour is uncompromising. Also, Sara’s dedication to warm earthy Italian colours & tones & the use of natural yarns is inspirational…Her eye for detail & awareness of her environment is something that is displayed in her collections season after season…

Italian Colours


Deconstructed in Fit & in Mind

Sara, Ezio & Luca (Sara’s brother) are a close family team working tirelessly to produce, in their own words, a collection that is, ‘deconstructed in fit & in the mind. A collection for today’s practical woman, dynamic & urban. Simple essentials with a close attention to the materials & lines that she wants to have in contact with her body & soul.’


All of our brands are helping us to become a more sustainable company