What we do

Blueberry Italia is an exclusive womenswear brand designed and manufactured in Northern Italy, offering unique, timeless, effortless clothes and accessories to independent boutiques across Europe. Our styles are easy to mix and match, we balance comfort with fun, feminine shapes, creating flattering designs with movement that are suitable for women of all ages and sizes.

Design philosophy

Nature’s colours and shapes always inspire our collections, we try to reproduce their beauty in our unique prints and wide range of natural and vibrant colours. We believe in the idea of producing clothing from natural fibres, that are not only environmentally sustainable, but also for their quality, durability and softness on the skin. We choose linen as our main fabric for its capacity to be versatile for all seasons. Then we play & design with both embroideries and prints on the linen to enhance its quality, without losing its underlying characteristics of freshness and lightness.


We have chosen to work mainly with garment dying techniques as it gives us the freedom to choose our own colour palette and gives the garments that soft and slightly distressed look our customers love so much. Designing our collections is always fun, keeping our ears open to our customers needs, and balancing their feedback and thoughts with current trends.


All the production process is made in Tuscany, mainly in the north part of the region between Florence, Prato and Empoli. We love sourcing our fabrics locally through small independent family run businesses, learning from their historical experience of different kinds of weaving and yarns. The factories here, all specialise in specific production processes. With their help we can create unique fabrics and prints. We source all our natural yarns locally, from cottons and recycled cashmere knits, which are all available in a wide range of beautiful natural colours.