‘Kedziorek. A woman dressed naturally’

Minimalism, precise cutting, high-quality materials and comfort of use are the main values of the brand founded by designer Joanna Kędziorek in 2004.

Since 2012, the show of the premiere Kędziorek collection has been a fixed point on the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland schedule. The Spring / Summer 2015 collection was presented during the Berlin Fashion Week as part of the Showfloor Berlin project, and then in the BUREAU SEUTAIL showroom in Paris. Kędziorek is a brand well known to readers of the Collezioni magazine and awarded by the London DASH magazine with the publication LABEL OF THE DAY; she also had her presentation on Vogue Italy.

Joanna Kędziorek’s designs are in the permanent collection of the Central Museum of Textiles.

The values and charm of Kędziorek’s clothes are appreciated by women who like comfort, naturalness and simple, though not obvious solutions.

Joanna’s environmental philosophies

Taking care of the planet is not easy, but it is always worth it!

Kędziorek products are made locally, in the region of Łódź (Poland), a city that was created thanks to the development of the textile industry in the 19th century. Production does not have to travel far, so our carbon footprint is minimized. We avoid wasting the remains of materials, giving them a second life. The post-production remnants are used to create “patchwork” type designs in subsequent collections. In the process of construction we use only recycled paper and cardboard.

We pack our clothes and accessories in 100% compostable bags made from potato starch. We use biodegradable inks for printing. We are lucky to work with people full of passion and knowledge. Without our craftsmen (constructors, seamstresses, printers, knitters) who spend many hours creating the Kędziorek brand with great care, imagination would never come to reality.

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