Chiara Cocol

Milan, Italy

How the Passion was Born

Since Chiara was just a little girl she absorbed all the passion and influence of her mother Luciana, who used to dress her with very large shirts and wide skirts or gaucho pants. All the teenagers at this time had long hair and wore clothes decorated with lace and embroidery. Chiara has always loved to stand out from the crowd.

The Birth of Chiara Cocol

She fell in love with fashion at a very young age. As a teenager she would spend most of her time in her mum’s factory playing with buttons and fabrics. After fashion school the next 15 years were spent working with her mother, Luciana. In 2011 Chiara introduced to the world the ‘Chiara Cocol’ brand, a new clothing range said to be aimed at all women.

‘Any Woman can Wear Cocol’

Chiara Cocòl aims to enhance female shapes, allowing women of all ages to wear colourful and unique handmade dresses. They dress mums and business women, who strive between family life and hectic working days. Comfortable and refined outfits, to make you look stunning in any situation!