Baci & AMICI

Israel / Italy

Batia Rutenberg

Formed by the timeless principles of Italian tailoring and the light-heartedness of the Israeli spirit, lifetime fashion designer Batia Rutenberg established Baci as an international women’s fashion brand in the early 2000’s. Since the brands inception, Batia has made it her mission to create products that compliment independent, authentic, and stylish women.

Traditional Principles

Baci is a family owned and operated company. They are passionate about the brand and product they create. Through timeless tailoring and traditional Italian design processes, Baci’s apparel is intended to thrive from season-to-season retaining it’s style and quality.

Created for the free spirit

Their clothes are designed for the independent woman. In Baci’s birthplace In Israel, to love and appreciate the freedoms in life is part of the culture. Baci apparel is created for you to do just that. Dress their clothes up or down, ultimately creating your own comfortable masterpiece that flows with you.

Designed with Intent

Baci believes in aligning their priorities. Making time and an effort for the things that matter.
They believe in being comfortable in your own skin, the beautiful effortlessness that shines through when all of the pieces of the puzzle are carefully put together with intention.

A Belief in Quality

Italy is known for its organic fabrics and world-renowned craftsmanship. Baci believes in quality and beautiful pieces that last. Therefore, all of their products are designed, sourced, and manufactured in the country leading the fashion industry with innovative slow-fashion techniques.


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